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A quick update on photobooks and assignment 5

I’ve been busy over the last few days playing around with book formats. Here are a few images of a photobook I have made using the pocket frame technique. I suspect it is something that is taught in school for framing school photos, but I upped the ante a little by using a variety of bee themed papers and including transparent plastic covers for each of the images. It seems to be a useful addition to my book styles, as it opens totally flat and folds flat easily. The only problem is that I am not sure what images to put into it.

Since then, I have received some very beautiful Japanese papers from Shepherds in London, and selected the combination of paper, book type and methodology for presenting assignment 5. A taster images is shown below. I intend to replace the white thread with a green one and to make a presentation box for it.





A note about the content of photobooks

I’ve been thinking about photobooks of late, and how they fit in with what I learned yesterday about mirrors and windows. Recently, I was talking to my partner about possibly printing out a book for each of the last few years as a record of what I have been doing. I’d planned to fill them with some of my better images, most of which I now know are windows, i.e of places and events I have visited. No, he said, they should be about people. I quote “Nobody wants to look back through family albums and see endless travel shots. They want to see photos of people they know and especially family“. In my enthusiasm for travel and improving my technique, I realise I had forgotten that; all my own forays over the years back into the family archive have been to see how the people have changed and to recall memories of events and get-togethers where we were together. So the question for me now is how to reconcile these two polarities in a single book, or whether I should make two for each year, one of mirrors and another of windows. I am going to post this on the OCA forums to see what views other people have about the conundrum, as this is something I want to work through alongside my coursework in the next few months.