Note to the assessors

Dear Assessors,
Thank you for taking the time to evaluate my work.

My learning log is online at: For previous modules, I have presented everything on my blog, but this time I have made two supplementary journals, for a) formal research work and b) Experiments and practical/technical learning. Thus the online blog does not include all the exercises.

The blog is in descending date order except for the Assignments, which are shown in the following order:

  • final assignment, with amendments
  • tutor feedback
  • initial submission
  • preparatory research

Coursework which I have added to the blog can be found under the Coursework tab. and non-course specific Research, Personal Reflections and Exhibition Reviews can all be found under the Research & Reflection tab.

Included in my physical submission pack are:

  • folders for assignments 1-3, including the Introduction and Background Commentary.
  • a folder for Assignment 4, including the Reflective Commentary and a handmade book, which is the actual assignment
  • a box labelled We Choose to Roar, which is Assignment 5. The box contains the images and a Reflective Commentary
  • a notebook labelled Photography Sketchbook No.1, which is my experimental logbook
  • a copy of this post

Where links are shown for references associated with each of the assignments, they can be followed via the corresponding online blog post.

All tutor reports have been uploaded to the Google Drive, as requested.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Holly Woodward


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