Assignment 5 – tutor’s feedback

Chris and I did a video tutorial  and short format written feedback for this assignment. The written feedback is here: 5.Holly Woodward. I will consider both this and my own notes.

The overall feedback on the assignment was that it was good, and that any changes are small and should easily be accommodated to allow for submission by 30th January. He enjoyed the very topical nature of the work and my passion about the subject of women’s changing place within photography. Having said that, he felt that I should give more emphasis in my text to the ideas of performance and collaboration. Also, I should make mention of my technical and conceptual development working in the studio, book making etc. I plan to do the latter in my overall  review of the course, as it has applied to previous parts of my coursework an assignments as well. Finally, he suggestes that I include a couple more references to performative work as background, and makes some suggestions. Having had a quick look at the suggestions, I plan to write something about Marina Abromovic and June Calypso, both of whose work I have seen before, but had not considered it in this particular context.

Chris also made mention of how the work might be exhibited, and that the individual images have a uniqueness which might be diminished by binding them together. As they are, they could be mounted on a wall for exhibition and it would be a shame to remove that option. He suggests that I make reference in my blog to some of the other images I considered for the series.

Finally he gave the advice below on putting everything together for assessment, which I will follow.

We discussed how to present the work to the assessment team. All written work and research should be on your learning log/blog. Physical assignments are to be sent to the assessment team. Use a portfolio box and keep everything structured and professionally organised. You can send an overview text of your experiences of the unit; keep it positive expressing what and how you have developed as an artist. Each assignment can include an introduction text. Keep it simple, coherent and informative. You can also include a menu type text to highlight where the assessment team can find your blog and where to find the relevant information relating to each assignment.

Looking at my own notes, the following points were addressed:

  • we discussed the title on the box, and he said he was comfortable with it and it did not need changing
  • I asked what he thought about the subtitle of the piece and was it too childish, and he thought the subtitle was probably not necessary at all.
  • I questioned whether I should include more images, as it might affect the narrative. However, after we had decided to do away with the book-binding, the order of the images becomes less relevant and allows for more images. I plan to add a further two. We also discussed the idea of a page within the box explaining the reasoning for the order, but I am not sure if this is necessary now that the series has been reimagined as a set of individual objects
  • he felt that the contextualisation was good but that I should emphasise the topicality of the subject in my accompanying reflective piece, and also the performance aspect, which is becoming more prevalent in contemporary photography
  •  I asked if I should send my sketchbooks with the assessment package, and he felt not. He said it was important not to overwhelm the assessors and to point them directly at the bits of my work that matter. They can only look at so much in half and hour, and any personal contextualisation can be included as scanned pages in my blog.

So, there we are. Job nearly done. I can address these points in the next few days and then send it all off to the OCA for assessment.


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