The editorial process, again.

Further to my last post about the Marlborough Open Studios, I’ve selected some images for the contacts, and am now playing with them to see what works and what doesn’t. At present, there are three sets of images that I consider to be possibilities

  • Artists at work.

    2. Artists in their studios.

    3. A series of diptychs of artists and examples of their work, such as the example below.

    Other possibilities include:

  • studies of hands at work, though I don’t have enough for a comprehensive series.
  • studios and work, but no people (an interesting idea, though again I am not sure I have enough empty studios in my set).
  • tools of the trade and work, but no people again. An example is shown below. I am quite taken with this idea, and wonder whether to go with it. However, the single most important aspect of the whole venture was the people and how well many of us got on, so realistically I need to go with a variation of one of the numbered series above.

5 thoughts on “The editorial process, again.

  1. Catherine

    I do enjoy looking at images of artists in their work spaces and these are all very interesting. I particularly like your third idea of the diptychs.
    Have to say that I feel a little bit jealous of their work spaces!


  2. Kate

    I am also suffering with studio-envy! I think any of these could work, I like the diptychs very much too. I hope you had an inspiring weekend.


  3. scottishzoe

    also studio envy!!!!!!!!!
    I think the people are important here – however some show them working and some look more like portraits (people are looking at you) – maybe one ot the other


    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      Thanks for the comments, Zoe. I’m going to wait and see what my tutor says, as although I agree there are a variety of different poses, this seems to be in keeping with some of the published studies of similar subjects. We shall see what my tutor advises.



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