Assignment 3 – the curation process

Trying to reduce the 415 photos I took on the shoot for this event has not been straightforward, particularly as many fall into a number of different potential themes. The three I have identified as possibilities so far are community, children and aloneness in a crowd. Below I have attached contact sheets to illustrate some of the photos for each.


Lightroom (P1610956.RW2 and 12 others)


Lightroom (P1610959.RW2 and 16 others)

Alone in a crowd

Lightroom (P1620114.RW2 and 12 others)

My inclination is to go with a series on the theme of Alone in a Crowd, as that fits in with the assignment guidelines. However, there seem to be a better selection of images in Children, particularly P1610959, P1610968, P1620084, P1620177, P1620227 and P1620253. I also need to consider how I will ground the selected images within the event itself, and think that a sprinkling of crowd images will be necessary to provide context. Finally, my current inclination is to make the series monochrome, to reference the timelessness of these events. Sadly, I am not sure that any of the individual adult portraits I made (and which I showed in my previous post) will fit the themes.

Time to throw it open to my fellow students now, for critique.


6 thoughts on “Assignment 3 – the curation process

  1. Catherine

    I understand what you intend re choice of colour or monochrome but just need to check. I think you wrote earlier about this project acting as a mirror on how you respond to your community. If so, what difference will choice of colour or monochrome make on that?
    Also, is it okay to have photos of the children?


    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      Two good questions there, Catherine. I’m still ambivalent about the colour, but the children thing needs to be looked into. It was a public event, and where there was an adult present, I did ask their permission. I’m not sure what the official protocol on the subject is though, and will look into it.


    2. Holly Woodward Post author

      Having looked into this, there doesn’t seem to be any problem taking photos of children in a public place, providing they are clothed and that their name/address is not mentioned. Schools and nurseries often prohibit photography at their events, but those take place on private property and they are within their rights to restrict photography on their land. This wasn’t the case here, as it was community land. It was worth finding this out though. Thanks.

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  2. anomiepete

    I’m not too sure that the “alone in a crowd” works for me Holly. I like the concept but a few of the images shown are more portraits of single people. The strongest for me is the second one of the older lady with her back to the camera and just the legs of others in the frame. The whole image has a strong formal quality in terms of shape that is powerful. Good luck.



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