Assignment 3 – the shoot

Weather conditions for the shoot on Saturday were perfect – warm, but not too sunny. I took my  45mm lens for the portrait shots and a 45-175 mm zoom one for the longer shots, and on the whole this was the correct decision. My intention was to take most of the portraits at the beginning, when the carnival was not too busy, and then change to longer, more candid ones as the afternoon wore on. My first pass on the portraits is shown below.

Lightroom (P1610884.RW2 and 13 others)At present, I have not decided whether they should be colour or monochrome. My preference is for 1-4 and 7 at the moment, but there is a long way to go in the editing process still. (P1620227 is in the wrong group and needs to be moved). Also, I have not fully processed any of the images and still need to unify them by colour grading.

The first pass of preferences for the general photos are shown below.

Lightroom (P1610928.RW2 and 38 others)Lightroom (P1610928.RW2 and 38 others)

The purpose of this shoot is to act as a mirror on my community and also to say something about “how this group informs me as a person”. It should explore something about me as well as the group.

My village is a close-knit community with traditions that date back centuries, but which are under threat both from the different priorities of modern life and the increasing number of outsiders who are moving into the area. The carnival has been a feature of village summers for many years, but was discontinued in recent years as it had become too large and policing/public disorder was becoming an issue. A group of people reinstated it in 2016 as a family occasion, with no alcohol allowed on site, and I hope that my images give an impression of the relaxed fun and village cameradie that the carnival inspires.

I now need to do some ruthless editing to limit the series to approximately ten images, which reflect how I am linked with the community, as part of it, but still (after five years) an outsider despite my in-laws’ long-term residence in the village. My final selection needs to be coherent as a series, rather than simply being an event shoot.


4 thoughts on “Assignment 3 – the shoot

  1. Catherine

    Interesting to see them all and made me think of our local one (quite small) and the larger one in a nearby village. Just thinking, in some respects this kind of carnival could be anywhere in the UK so what does it have that makes it special to that particular place?

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    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      I am not sure that the place as such is important in this assignment. It seems to ask us to produce something that speaks of our own response to a community, with the community being the important thing. This assignment is a complete nightmare. I can’t wait to finish it now and get on to something more interesting.


  2. Catherine

    Well – there could be some interesting discussions there I guess at some point in the future.Maybe as well there’s some kind of hex about all the different Assignment 3s as if they’re a barrier that has to be broken through to reach to the other side.



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