Work for the Thames Valley Group project

I’m currently working on the scattergun principle – too many projects heading off in different directions. So, to make some space in my head, I am putting this here, and would welcome any comments. As background, the Thames Valley Group is putting together an exhibition to encourage students to start thinking about making a Body of Work. The theme of the exhibition will be Time. I have lots of ideas for this, but what is interesting me at present is the idea of representing the concept of Now.

I am lucky enough to have access to a range of old photographs of my house and the area around it, as some of the previous occupants were newsworthy in their time. Whether or not I will refer directly to their story remains to be seen, but I have started out by merging two images of the same spot  from the 1920s and the present in various ways to see how they look. See below.

For the purposes of this work, number 3 seems to work best, although I like the contextualisation of number 2 as well.

I also used Photoshop to merge a couple of images of the house’s interior in Photoshop. These are simply test shots, so please ignore the plastic bag and knitting in the second one. The older images in this case were from some estate agent’s details for the house in the early 1960s.

Purely by chance I then happened to come across a series in Lensculture by the Albarrán Cabrera team, whom I follow on Instagram @albarrancabrera . The Series, Kairos looks at how we might visualise the concept of “Now” in a not dissimilar way to the work I did back in C&N assignment 5, but uses gold leaf to separate two images of the same subject, taken at different times. They say that “the images are a metaphor for the fact that the past and the future are not real, just a human invention“. A concept that is right up my street!

As a result I am now revisiting the idea of sewing that I looked at in C&N. I have tried adding a gold thread to one of the images above, but it is not clear enough, so I need to explore other ways of showing “the gap which Now occupies”.


8 thoughts on “Work for the Thames Valley Group project

  1. Anne Bryson

    What a good idea. The South West group are also planning an exhibition towards the end of the year but I don’t think we have got as far a a theme yet.

    This is a really interesting idea and like you I think that image 3 of the first set works really well. Having said that, I like the way that the past, disappears into the background in image 1 whilst ‘now’ is in the foreground. I hadn’t come across Albarrán Cabrera until now but their work looks quite intriguing. Good luck with this I will look toward to seeing it develop.


    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      Thanks, Anne. It’s a long road, as I’m finding the background research difficult, as no obvious search terms come to mind. There are plenty of people who photograph “in the moment”, but not so many who try to relate it to the past and future.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      Thank you, Sarah-Jane. As I just said to Anne too, I’m finding the research part difficult, as it’s not an easy idea to think of search terms for. I’ll take a look at Pavel’s work and see where that leads.


  2. Nicola Hallam

    What a really interesting idea and how fortunate to have historical photographs. Have you seen the ‘The Mouth of Krishna’ body of work…..exquisite and one I’ve made a mental note of 🙂


  3. Catherine

    I’ve kept looking and number 3 is still the one. I’m also intrigued by the room composites. this is so interesting Holly. Will you be bringing them to TV Group?



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