Something a bit different

Yesterday, another OCA student and I attended an exhibition in Marlborough; not photography, for a change. Jane Corbett is a multi-media artist and sometime milliner and works in a variety of materials ranging from felt through to concrete. Her inspirations come from nature, in particular lichens, seedheads and sea animals and vegetables and one can easily imagine how it crosses over into millinary. Many of the works use thread and pins and there is a strong focus on spheres and circles.

Jane was at the gallery and Kate and I had a chat with her about how she makes her work. She is a great fan of the circle and the square, which featured throughout the exhibit. I have posted a few examples of what we saw below, followed by a shot of her inspiration wall, of which I was very jealous.


It’s been a while since I visited any non-photography exhibitions and I found it very refreshing. Two elements  of her work particularly interested me. One is her use of natural materials and how plants and lichens inspire it, and the other is a feature of the exhibition settings itself. I was very taken with the acrylic cubes in which the exhibits were displayed. Many of them were spherical and thus difficult to place securely on the surfaces, and the cubes both contained them for safety and isolates them. As I was taking photographs of them, I was fascinated by the reflections they produced and the extra dimension the added to the work. Since then I have been thinking about how I could incorporate this idea into my current assignment, which now has a focus on reflections. More on this in another post)

Many thanks are due to Jane for allowing us to photograph her work. It was a most enjoyable afternoon. Her work can be seen on Instagram at, and her use of split images is also of interest.


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