A small collaboration

In the last few days, I’ve begun a small collaborative project with a fellow student, who is doing Level 1 drawing with the OCA. We have never met, but have known each other online for 15+ years in contexts which have nothing whatsoever to do with arts. (I think we first became acquainted on a finance website).

In any case, Mary513690 recently saw a self-portrait I had put on Facebook and asked if she could do an interpretative drawing of it as she liked the way the light hit my face. I agreed and these are the two versions, mine and hers.

We then considered whether this could be expanded so that we respond to the other’s ongoing work, and it was suggested that I select an image from her Instagram account and make a reinterpretation of that. I have done so, and the two are also shown below. We plan to carry on with this on an ad hoc basis, to see where it will go. More of Mary 513690’s work can be seen on her blog page at https://mary513690.wordpress.com/

It is both interesting and entertaining to work out how to make a re-interpretation of an original work in another artistic genre by a fellow student, so we will see where this goes. As the receiver of the interpreted work in the first duo, I found it difficult to separate my feelings about the work as a portrait of me from an objective view of it based upon the original concept, which was about shadows and highlighting. I’m currently waiting to see what Mary’s response to my version of her work will be. There are some interesting little sub-issues about ownership of ideas, copying and the understanding of original meanings which may well be examined through this partnership too.

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