First thoughts on assignment 2

I seem to be stuck in a creative desert at the moment, and have no idea where I am going to go with this assignment. Even the brief seems opaque to me.

The objective of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to explore the themes covered in Part Two with regard to the use of both studio and location for the creation of portraits.
This assignment is about taking what has worked from the above exercises and then trying to develop this further in terms of interchanging the use of portraits taken on location (street) with portraits taken inside (studio). You need to develop a series of five final images to present to the viewer as a themed body of work. Pay close attention to the look and feel of each image and think how they will work together as a series. The theme is up to you to choose; you could take a series of images of a single subject or a series of subjects in a themed environment. There is no right answer, so experiment.

Part 2 has been about how we can use a variety of different ideas in a combination of ways, as shown below.aware-and-unawareWe are shown that any combination of elements in the left column can be mixed with any combination in the right one, but that whatever we decide to do should be based on our intention for the series, as in what we would like to achieve. It is therefore important to start with the idea and then decide how best it can be illustrated. But where to start?

I decided to build up an idea from the bottom, bearing in mind some of what I have learned about my own photography so far

  • the project should be personally relevant to me (tomorrow’s personal history)
  • I need to focus on why, not what
  • the assignment should focus as much upon the place as the people
  • today’s images are tomorrow’s nostalgia
  • the red thread
  • the photographer’s power role
  • go with what you know

Now, off to have another think about what I can do.

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