Lukas Kuzma and Tom Wood – unaware, but not covert

Two of the photographers that the course materials mention are Lukas Kuzma and Tom Wood. Both produce portraits that are  both unstaged and unaware, but apparently neither of them hide what they are doing. Wood uses familiarity with his subjects to arrive at a point where they are sufficiently comfortable to be uninterested in his presence, while Kuzma takes images through windows, and blends into the background to become part of the scenery. I particularly like Kuzma’s cityscape images, which show vignettes of ordinary life that beg questions of the viewer about what is happening off-camera or prior to the shutter being closed.

Looking back at some of my own recent images, there is a mixture of different styles. On the whole, however, the subjects tend to be entirely unaware of my interest, and not posed. I like to take photos of people going about their business, rather than set up staged situations in the style of Parr or diCordia, and then to wait for people to enter my theatre arena.

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