A treasure trove, full of potential projects

I have just come back from visiting my father in Scotland, where I showed him this post about the interlocking generations of family history. It prompted a chat about what family history resources were lying around at his home, and I came back with several albums and boxes I hadn’t known about before. Over the last 24 hours I have been going through some of them, and they include many images and notes I have never seen before. Opening each box and packet was a delight, and the physical objects themselves were as interesting as the information they contained. I have put a couple of examples below, 1 and 2 being a laundry box, which appears to contain my maternal grandparents’ collection of photos, etc, The box itself is made of sturdy cardboard, and has a leather strap to hold it shut. Amazing, when one considers the flimsy items we use today for laundry (mostly plastic bags, as far as I can see).

There are examples of several different types of photograph, and also what I assume to be hand-painted photos from Japan, dating to about 1910.It is going to take a long time to archive and curate all this, but is an exciting project to be carrying on alongside my coursework.

Here is a flavour of what I am going to be doing. Among the family images, there are also one that have some more general interest, including some of Scott of the Antarctic’s stopover in Japan in 1910, on his way to his ill-fated expedition, and also quite a lot of items relating to the Doyly Carte Opera Company and Gilbert & Sullivan, as a couple of my very great uncles were conductors for them.


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