More musings on editing

After having consulted my fellow students on the Facebook OCA Photography Level 1 group, a couple of suggestions were made that I decided to follow up. Several people remarked on the sense of excitement and happiness exhibited by the subjects, and felt that this was the strongest element of the set. They suggested a) that I try  close crop, as for passport photographs, and b) that I try black and white because there is so much background colour in the images.

I did both, and here is the new long list for consideration. It is interesting to see that different images stand out in this edit, and I was able to use more of the original set with a close crop.

My initial selection from this set would probably be 1,2,4,5,7,8.

No 3 does not seem to be properly smiling.

No 6 is not quite in focus at this distance.

So, the final choice comes down to this, A or B, although I still have some work to do on post production to even out the differences in light, clarity and contrast.

Series A

Series B

It is now decision time.

7 thoughts on “More musings on editing

  1. Carol Street

    Hi Holly, my first thought is that with the new set you’ve lost the context of the flyers that originally bound the set together. Also whilst the b&w does help with the distracting backgrounds, it also takes away from the happiness in the faces, guess you win some and lose some 🙂 Watching with interest to see what you decide.


  2. Simon Chirgwin

    Definitely Series B for me, Holly – the background (particularly when you include the colour) gives more of an idea of the sensory overload you get in Edinburgh during the festival; you get the reason why the people are there from the flyers; and I find the shapes made by arms and elbow as interesting (and revealing of personality, I suspect) as the faces…


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