A plan gone wrong, enjoyably

On Saturday, I set off to Gloucester in search of artists for my typologies exercise, in the company of fellow student, Anne. Gloucester was having an arts festival as part of the Art In The City initiative, and it included a painting competition, where people were asked to complete a painting in a single day, ready for hanging at 6pm. All over the city, artists were dotted around working away at their entries and I hoped that some of them might allow me to make a portrait of them.

The plan went awry even before I set off from home. Before I left, I was reading some fellow students’ blogs and came across a post by L., who posted about what her own tutor had said about her typology exercise. She was told all the subjects had to be standing in the same way with similar backgrounds. That wasn’t going to work for me as the artists were spread across the whole city.

As it turned out, this was a day that begged for street photography. There was so much going on, and a wealth of interesting characters on show. I took lots of photographs of artists at work, but could not summon up the courage to ask any of them to pose for a typological portrait. Odd that I struggle with this in the UK, while being perfectly happy to do so when travelling abroad.

Here are a selection of my images of artists at work.


6 thoughts on “A plan gone wrong, enjoyably

  1. ghadaocablog

    I love the photographs you shot. I have the same problem asking strangers in my country to pose while it’s easier when I am away on holidays! I don’t know why! I used to postpone the assignments till I travel!!


      1. ghadaocablog

        Hahaha, I live In the United Arab Emirates, in a city called Sharjah, near Dubai. You don’t want to swap now it’s too hot and humid right now!


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