My Square Mile

A few weeks ago, I went to see my father in Scotland, and took a few hours to revisit my childhood home. I have a plan for a project which involves taking images of the places there that have a particular resonance to me and each of my four siblings. Although my father now lives about 10 miles away, one of my sisters, S, has moved back to the place, and my brother and his wife spend several months each year in a rented cottage there too. I briefly discussed the idea with S, and we made a list of some of the places that were meaningful to her. Some were the same as mine, but not all. This project is just beginning, but a short sample of locations are shown below. I was privileged to live in a beautiful part of Scotland, for which I am very grateful.


I cannot spend the time needed to really get into the project at present, so my work for this exercise will be around the place where I live right now, which is a village in Wiltshire. These days, my interest is more in the minutiae of my locations rather than the big picture. I am trying to practise Mindful Photography, and the type of thing that catches my attention tends to be fleeting and small.I am trying to capture some of the semi-abstract impressions of sight, sound and texture that I feel, which can be seen I particularly in nos. 4,5 6 and 9. They represent some of what I see on my daily dog walks around the village, and all were taken on a single afternoon. If I was going to do this project as a proper assignment, my plan would be to link all these images by a piece of string, and I would accompany it with a piece of soundscape of my footsteps, birdsong and water trickling down the stream.


These images all make me feel happy, which is a somewhat surprising reaction. I had not expected them to speak to me so clearly. I had set off with the idea of picking only semi-abstract subjects, but then realised that a) it would be impossible to get 12 images of this type from a single outing and b) my experience of the village is at all levels of scale, and this should be incorporated into the exercise. The order of the images correctly follows the path I took and begins and ends with my own garden. (No. 11 is not my house, by the way.) I like the limited palette of colours – mostly greens with flashes of red and white. It would be interesting to do the same exercise at different times of year to see how the colours changed.

2 thoughts on “My Square Mile

  1. Catherine

    The childhood project sounds so interesting – sharing exploring and contacting those memories. the green of landscape obviously has many connotations for you. that hint of red – the red thread.
    I enjoyed looking at the images. Have been thinking as well on how height might affect what we see and how much we’re prepared to stretch and bend to experience what’s around us.


    1. Holly Woodward Post author

      Yes, the height issue is interesting. Both Pete and ChloeClik from Level 1 have done some work at sitting and child height respectively, and the viewpoint is quite different. It makes me wonder how the world looks like from the POV of tall men. Everyone must seem very small.



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